A domain name is an online address where people will find your website, i.e. like mine https://corporatecanuck.com

Your domain name should be clear and easy to remember, and reflective of your business. For example, you wouldn’t want a .gov email if you’re not a government service.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: You?ll want to purchase a domain name (website address) for your business as soon as you?re able before someone else buys it! I?ve been a long-time fan of Namecheap; affordable domains, fantastic customer service, free privacy on every domain (meaning people won?t see your personal info when they search for your website) and easy to update when necessary. See their pricing and services HERE

How to pick a domain name:

1. Do your research: whenever possible you want to select a name that you can use across all internet activities, including your website, social media, email etc. I broke this down recently in a special article: https://corporatecanuck.com/business-name-research/

2. A domain name is comprised of a “protocol identifier” (usually www, which stands for world wide web), the website name (in this case, your business), and an extension like .com.

3. Try and get the .com extension as your first choice. Although not as vital as it once was, it still adds a sense of authenticity when we tell someone our website name.

4. There are tons of options for your full web domain name if the .com is not available; .ca (for Canadian businesses only), industry specific extensions like .org, .inc., or .net, and lots of weird and wacky ones (.food is a recent fave! LOL)

Do your research, and select the domain extension that makes the most sense for your type of business.

Domain Privacy

I?ve made the mistake of not opting in for Domain Privacy which = spam overwhelming your phone & email inbox! Without Privacy Protection added to your domain name, it is very easy to search and find the private info of the person who purchased the domain, including name, email, phone number, and mailing address – so creepy, right?!

Opting for Domain Privacy when purchasing your domain is very important. I use Namecheap now for all my domains because it includes lifetime privacy at NO additional cost! (I previously used GoDaddy and it was an additional $20+ annually, for EVERY domain- that adds up fast!)

Free WhoisGuard with Every Domain Purchase at Namecheap

Are you finding technology overwhelming? That’s okay- a lot of us do! Working through the basics (domain names, website hosting etc) is a great first step to establishing a healthy online presence for your business in this digital age.

If you’re feeling stuck, or want help in building your website, check out the services available on Fiverr.com; it’s a long-time favourite of mine when I have little projects that need attention.

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