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Business Strategist & online educator

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I’ve spent the past 7+ years developing The Corporate Canuck into a national brand. It’s seen many incarnations (wanna see my first horrendeous business card?) but through it all, I’ve continued to learn, to push myself, and to bring my heart, my laughter, and my hustle to all I do.

Which is…

Working with Small Businesses to help them grow in a goal-oriented, efficient way. 


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Avoid These Brutal GST/HST Mistakes

Avoid These Brutal GST/HST Mistakes

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Should I Incorporate My Business in Canada?

Should I Incorporate My Business in Canada?

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Jennifer Long

Jennifer Long


Starting and running your own business can be a beast! We’re expected to know EVERYTHING before we even open our doors. All of a sudden you’re an accountant, a leader, a customer service rep, a marketer, a human resource manager… (I’ll stop now. I’m exhausted just by typing it all out!)

You know the expression: “Jack of all trades, master of none?” I believe this is the death of most small businesses. We feel defeated by our lack of knowledge, and the to-do list keeps growing as the chronic “you must succeed!” stress monster looms above us.

Guess what? It’s time for a change. It’s time to shift your business to the next level; to learn on your own schedule in a no-BS hands-on way, and to implement tried-and-true systems that lead to long-term success.  CURIOUS? Click a link and let’s get started!

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