Hi, I’m Jen!??

Nice to (digitally) meet you!




I?m glad you found me today. I?ve spent the past 6+ years developing The Corporate Canuck into a national brand. It?s seen many incarnations (wanna see my first horrendeous business card?) but through it all, I?ve continued to learn, to push myself, and to bring my heart, my laughter, and my hustle to all I do.

Which is?

Working with Small Businesses to help them grow in a goal-oriented, sustainable way.?

Starting and running your own business can be a beast! We?re expected to know EVERYTHING before we even open our doors. All of a sudden you?re an accountant, a leader, a customer service rep, a marketer, a human resource manager? (I?ll stop now. I?m exhausted just by typing it all out!)

You know the expression: ?Jack of all trades, master of none?? I believe this is the death of most small businesses. We feel defeated by our lack of knowledge, and the to-do list keeps growing as the chronic “you must succeed!” stress monster looms above us.

Guess what? It?s time for a change. It?s time to shift your business to the next level; to learn on your own schedule in a no-BS hands-on way, and to implement tried-and-true systems that lead to long-term success.? CURIOUS? Keep scrolling…


I work with entrepreneurs across all industries (theatre companies, tech start-ups, retail shops- to name a few) to identify the BARRIERS in their business.

I share TRAINING (paid AND free) so they can navigate their business world with confidence.?


?Because I believe knowledgeable bosses create better, healthier workspaces; for their team, their loved ones at home, and their own well-being.

And because I LOVE learning & sharing about what makes a good business become GREAT.




Padawan, it?s been a JOURNEY. I had the weirdest first job in the world- I was a theme park mascot in Japan. Not only just the mascot, but also a cultural ambassador, touring performer, and show creator. Oh- did I mention I was 13?!

This launched an insatiable passion for creating my own work. I continued working in crazy jobs through high school (tap dancer, anthem singer, tv actor), went to THEATRE school (and yes, my parents were likely terrified but hid it really well) and had an incredible 10-year career in the arts.

And then I got sick. And then I got injured. And it became clear pretty quick that the chaos of the actor life was not something I could continue.?

Sooooo I went back to school for business. I specialized in event management. I took accounting and became a Certified Professional Bookkeeper. I?m a passionate life-long learner (#StaplesIsMyHappyPlace) which has led me to certifications in Digital Strategy, Taxation, and Leadership.

I?ve managed a tea shop, run a Circus (YUP), helped launch an international heels dance program, and trained entrepreneurs all across the world.?

So here we are: 6 years in, and life keeps getting better. Whether we train together, connect at a conference, or even share sassy memes over Instagram DM, know that I believe in you and your business.


By landing here, you?ve taken the first steps to breaking down the barriers that are holding you back in your business, and I can?t WAIT to watch you grow and flourish.

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