My name is Jennifer Long and I am a business strategist & online educator from Vancouver, Canada. I specialize in helping new business owners identify their barriers to growth and find creative solutions for their biggest concerns: money, marketing & mindset.

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Meet Jennifer Long: Accounting Nerd. Lover of the Arts. Tea-drinking cat lady with a passion for working with entrepreneurs.

Jen (AKA ?Cashflow J. Lo.? to friends & family) proudly brings over 20 years of diverse management and marketing experience to every project she tackles.

Hailing from the lush hills of Prince Edward Island, Jennifer is pleased to now call Vancouver home. A graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts, Jennifer has been an entertainer since the age of three! Her first job at age 13 was definitely unusual; at a family friend?s suggestion, she auditioned for (and was subsequently hired to play) the leading character at Canadian World Theme Park in Japan. After pursuing a decade-long professional career in the arts, she decided to focus her talents on the behind-the-scenes world of arts management, including contracts with Canadian Idol, Canada Games, Vancouver Circus School, and Army of Sass International.

A self-professed ?life long learner?, Jennifer holds a variety of post-secondary and continuing studies certifications including Event Management (Holland College), Certified Professional Bookkeeper (Langara College; Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada), Level 1 Tax Professional (Knowledge Bureau Canada, H&R Block), Social Media (Hootsuite), Facebook Ads (Blueprint), and Digital Strategy (UBC).

She still loves to sing and dance, and performs as often as she can?except during tax season.

In addition to The Corporate Canuck, Jennifer is pleased to captain other projects including: The Smart Artist (affordable business training for creative professionals), Better Business Bootcamp, and Start a Business in Canada, a 30-day launch program for new business owners.

Popular Speaking Topics:

Accounting, Taxes, Budgeting, Social Media, SEO, Team Management, Leadership, E-commerce, Sales Strategies, Starting a Business


Jennifer Long, Business Strategist

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